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NoPoDoFo is a bindings library to PoDoFo, hence the name No(de)PoDoFo. The aim of this project it to bring a complete PDF solution to the Nodejs ecosystem. NoPoDoFo provides low level PDF api's for creating new PDF documents, and reading and modifying existing PDF documents. Features also include encryption, signing, and drawing api's To get started please read the book, a good place to start is on best practices

Current Version 1.0.1


A Brief Introduction

NoPoDoFo is a bindings library for NodeJS to PoDoFo. The project began mid 2017 stemming from my own frustration at the lack of open source options in the NodeJS ecosystem for handling PDF creation and modifications. I had at the time written many scripts for invoking command line utilities from node, such as pdftk and poppler to perform one-off tasks, but as the company I was with at the time started adopting more and more NodeJS the need for a complete PDF library was becoming increasingly apparent, and nobody at the time, at least in the open, was doing any work to fill this void, and thus NoPoDoFo was born. PoDoFo was chosen as the underlying engine (not really sure if engine is the correct term but it's what we will use for now) after considering the ease of building PoDoFo, and the completeness of the api compared to similar lower lever libraries. NoPoDoFo is licensed under AGPL, a copy of which is available at the root directory of the project.

Project Structure

NoPoDoFo bindings /src follow as closely as possible the same folder structure as PoDoFo. NoPoDoFo provides a definitions file included in the repository; typescript style enums, types, and interfaces are also available and exported from index.js. Using NoPoDoFo as a stand alone library is possible, but the api is fairly low level requiring some familiarity with the PDF specification. It is my hope that NoPoDoFo will be used as a building block for higher level PDF libraries for the NodeJS ecosystem.

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